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Since there was no way to obtain a Cub rudder decal with the little bear holding the red Cub sign, I ordered another pair of the Cub wheel decals and put them on the rudder as shown at right. Not scale I know, but an attempt to have something there.

Tuesday morning I will be going over to Mike Midkiff's place in Hurst for instruction on how to make and bench test two rubber motors for the J-3 Cub, one for flight testing and one for flying (I think). He is going to show me how to make a stuffer stick for inserting the rubber motor into the fuselage, how to braid the rubber strands of the motor, and provide me with a stirrup (or fitting) for attaching the rubber motor to the end of the prop shaft after the rubber motor is wound up. This should be a really informative session for me. By the way, Mike has just been elected as president of the Texas Cloud Climbers, our north Texas free flight club. I think he will provide some real service and leadership to our club.....................Tandy

Today (February 6, 2008) I have reached a milestone. I have the completition of the J-3 Cub as shown below.

The finished weight without the rubber motor is 79 grams (2.79 oz). I have no idea what kind of rubber or how many strands are needed for the rubber motor. The wing has a span of 35-1/2" and a chord of 5-1/4". I did a rough estimate of the wing area accounting for the wing tips area reduction and came up with about 176 sq. in. The wing loading without the rubber motor is about 2.3 oz/sq. Ft. The model balance point is about 30% of the wing chord without the rubber motor, so a small amount of clay is going to be required up in the nose.

Last evening I finished trimming and painting the two wing struts as shown below left. I carefully glued each of them in place this morning.

This shows the bend in the prop shaft engaged in the prop cam

This shows the J-3 Cub hanging from the model room ceiling.

This is close up view of the left front.

The next thing I did this morning was to bend the prop shaft that engages the prop cam as shown below.

This picture show the J-3 Cub sitting on the work table. You have to admit, it does kind of look like a J-3 Cub don't you think?

This is a close up of the right side of the cabin area and the added wing struts.


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