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TOFFF              2009

 Commentary and photos by Ned Nevels

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TOFFF Fun Runs Rampant...

Ed Hamler releases Richard Coleman's Long Cabin with an Ohlsson 60 for another successfuk flight at the SAM 27 flying Field during a TOFFF gathering September 3, 2009. Richard has become very adept at starting and running his Brown Junior when it is installed in the Long Cabin and usually launches it solo!

Richard Coleman (left) carefullly carries his Long Cabin with the Brown Junior humming, to the runway and (above) releases it just prior to extending his transmitter antenna (in right hand above)and assuming radio control of the model.

The Ohlsson-powered Long Cabin drifts by at the SAM 27 Lakeville Road Flying site.

Ed Hamler (left) cranks on the Elfin Diesel powering his Playboy Junior (yellow model) while Don Bekins (far left) holds. Ed was trying to get the Playboy trimmed for flight at the SAM 27 Crash & Bash September 25-26-27 at the Schmidt Ranch in Elk Grove California.







Terry Ketten (right) launches his ubiquitous Red Ripper on September 3rd. Terry's Ripper flies very well and his Cox motor does a good job of powering the model.

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