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TOFFF  June  2000


 By John Hlebcar and Ned Nevels   --   Photos by Ned 

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TOFFF Rules!

You know your flying field is blessed by nature when this group (gaggle?) of Pelicans glides silently overhead, circles twice in your thermal and then glides quietly onward. 

Such sites are not every day but they happen semi-regularly enough that everyone considers them a good omen from Hung, the Thermal God.


Trevor Shiraishi at the sticks as Ed Hamler releases his Lanzo Bomber with McCoy .60 up front and humming. 

The Class C Ignition postal event was flown during a regular TOFF session....and some incredible lift! Up, Up into the burning blue goes Trevor's Antique Model.

Sean Crowley eyeballs the decalage on his Avro 1/2A Endurance model. He's an old hand at the Lakeville flying site. You can see him flying his 1/2A Texaco ship there during the New Zealand Texaco Postal Event from April of 1996.


Don Bekins readies his "Ethy" for a C Iginition flight after getting the Ohlsson square-port engine really humming.

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