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It's all about style...

Shield your eyes with style

Christy versus the Sun. How to shade the eyes with style.   Andrew Tickle photo Aric versus the Sun. Both arms, no nonsense.       Andrew Tickle photo

Free flight -- notice how Dick's hands are not touching the sticks.  Free Flight Dick versus the Sun. Who needs a radio?   Andrew Tickle photo

John versus the Sun -- stays cool     Andrew Tickle photo  Ed versus the Sun  -- The Benediction    Andrew Tickle photo

Bob Rose versus the Sun -- dresses warmly.
Jay Crab Shack versus the Sun -- stays cool. Andrew Tickle photo
 Intensity -- these young men take the game very seriously.
Andrew Tickle photo

 Student (grandson) watches transmitter, instructor watches plane.  Andrew Tickle photo Improving, student watches plane, Grandpa watches student. Andrew Tickle photo

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