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TOFFF  May 2014

Jim Temple Photography


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Dick Irwin's Starduster climbs out over scenic Mount Burdell. Always amazing how the camera stops the prop. Also visible at the bottom is highway 101 which you would not normally notice from our field.

This is a high performance electric airplane. But Dick has gone to the trouble of installing a modified gas engine with the electric motor driving through it. Not all of our SAM 27 electric Oldtimer replicas are too convincing because they lack the huge cylinder in front of the windshield. Congratulations to Dick!


Loren's Viking, his favorite contest airplane this year. Dick Irwin's great flying Benny Boxcar.

Bob English's stylish Viking The New Ruler again -- just gorgeous any way you look at it!

SAM 27 heavyweights in action Ed Hamler breaking in a new motor


Bob Film and his Airborn Karl Tulp (left) returns after full size sailplane flying and RC yacht racing. Mike Sidewell is the biggest provider of support for running SAM 27.

General scene -- pits and spectators Loren Kramer setting up the Viking for a contest


Nature is taking over again Aric Wilmunder's Viking returns



All looking in different directions. We have so much space to fly!



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