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2012 SAM Euro Champs, 2012

 Slovakia,  June 2012


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 Subject: Ed Hamler Wins the Euro SAM Champs!

I just hung up the phone from a call from Mary Hamler, Ed's better half excitedly letting me know that Ed had won "Grand Champion" at the Euro Champs!!!


She laughed and said that she's not sure if it means anything, but the two times that she did not accompany him to the Euro Champs, he won the points championships!

 She said that he has turned off the "Roaming" on his Iphone and will send emails as soon as he gets to a wi-fi connection. Mary also said that he sounded very excited and happy.

Best Regards,

Ed's Airborn takes off.     900 sq. in.   Anderson Spitfire powered


Ed stays cool -- and demonstrates the vital ability of all contest winners --  total concentration!

Official Timers -- very popular this year!  Ed relaxing and carrying who knows what to the flight line

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Lots of Photos 


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